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Shoe wear has always been a big problem for skaters dating back as far as skating began. Constantly sliding the outside of your shoe against that grip tape, eventually will shred some fierce holes. That grip tape is some pretty harsh stuff. We don't suggest rubbing your face with it! There hasn't been any real good solution to this horrible problem.....until now! Ollie Flaps, The Skate Shoe Saver!

Ollie Flaps? What the heck are Ollie Flaps? Ollie Flaps protect the main areas of your skate shoes from wearing out due to street tricks. Let's face it, skate shoes are expensive and can shred quickly. Plus, gooping that shoe glue over those nasty holes in your kicks just looks wrong. Ollie Flaps The Skate Shoe Saver is the answer. They were created by NASA scientists and made from space-age polymers. Well, not really, it's just two guys and some cow. Ollie Flaps are actually made of durable sueded leather (that's the cow part), and are currently available in 6 sweet colors, that will be all the talk at your next skate session. Also, the protective eyelets add some extra bling. And to hold it all down when you are doing that kickflip tailslide, or 50-50 backside 180 off the 6 step, Ollie Flaps have a super-strong adhesive backing.

Now you can go skate as hardcore as you want without the worry of tearing holes your favorite footwear. Seriously, as we said, grip tape can really tear up your shoes. So stop throwing away all that cash on new shoes, and protect the ones you already have with Ollie Flaps. You've got better things to spend all that money on like skate park fees. Remember, every time a skate shoe is saved an angel is born. Well, that probably doesn't happen but it's nice to think that it does.

Get Ollie Flaps, save your shoes, and go skate, because there is a ton of nice concrete out there.

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