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Cyber Black Weekend

  Cyber Black Weekend   This Black Friday will be hectic. Why not just shop from home in your PJ's and enjoy some hot cocoa?? With Ollie Flaps, you can do just that. From Black Friday until Cyber Monday take advantage of some deep savings. 20% of select Ollie Flaps. Green, Red, Blue and Gray in both regular and goofy are for the taking.  Be sure to enter CYBERSALE during your checkout to get your 20% discount. What's better than getting some Ollie Flaps for Christmas? Getting Ollie Flaps that are 20% off...... Thank us later.   CLICK HERE TO..  - Read More

FlapsGiving is here!!

FlapsGiving !!! Yes, November is a time to give thanks, with Thanksgiving Day and all. We here at Ollie Flaps don't just give thanks, we give deals. For the month on November we are giving 25% off select Ollie Flaps products. Those products are Brown/Regular, Brown/Goofy, Red/Regular, and Red/Goofy. Simply enter the Promo Code FlapsGiving when you checkout with your purchase, and get your save on! This promo is limited to November, so start your Xmas shopping on the good foot (regular or goofy --- you see what i did there??) Get yoself some new suede protection, or get it..  - Read More

Back-To-School time is here!!!

Ok kids it's back-to-school time again.  You know, that wonderful time of year that we all may not be looking forward to. Getting up early, homework, blah blah blah. But there is a bit of good news for you. We have selected a few colors of Ollie Flaps in our back to school campaign, and they are at a very big discounted price. Be sure to check out our Back-To-School collection (you can search our site for it), or simply browse our shop for Green, Gray, or Brown Ollie Flaps (either regular or Goofy). Be sure to enter "School" as..  - Read More

Ollie Flaps 2'fer Sticker Packs are here!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Ollie Flaps 2'fer Sticker Packs are now in stock. That's right homies, you can now support your favorite Ollie Flaps peeps by representing with some stickers. The 2'fer pack comes with 2 Ollie Flaps stickers, "Grande" and "Portable". Make an Ollie Flaps statement with our 2'fer Sticker Pack. Red font and clear background will stand out wherever you put it. Slap these bad boys anywhere you want and represent Ollie Flaps! Stick em' on your deck, or maybe your helmet. Your little sister acting up? Stick one right on her forehead. You get the point, rep..  - Read More

Luck of the Irish and Some Free Green

KISS ME! I'M FLAPISH!!   Celebrate the rich culture, heritage and the patron saint of Ireland with Ollie Flaps. Since the Irish have given us so many great things over the years like corned beef, leprechauns, the shamrock shake, all of Boston, and House of Pain that we felt the need to give a little ourselves. Actually we are just going to give it away. For a limited time when you buy 2 of any style and color flap we will throw in a free green flap that authentically green. So get you some sweet ollie hole protection for the..  - Read More

Merry Flapsmas

Merry Flapsmas to all! Its that day again, you know that day you get new skate gear and you just can't wait to get out in the streets and start shredding. Yes, 'tis the season to be jolly.... and now we can give you another reason to be jolly. 10% off all Red and Green Ollie Flaps! Take advantage through the new year and shred with style. You just got new skate shoes, why not protect your investment with some Ollie Flaps? Pretty simple, right? I thought you would agree. Get your toe candy in check and sport some skate..  - Read More

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