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Ollie Flaps is heading to Italy

CiaoBella Gente,

Once again we had another international first. This week we sent out our first few Ollie Flaps over the pond to the thigh-high, heeled boot country of Italy. The craziest part about this order is that it’s for the pope. I know right!!! It’s a little known fact that the pope can totally shred. I’m kidding. That’s so not true. It’s funny to think about though. Seriously kiddies we are pretty excited that the best Ollie shoe guard is going to be out there protecting an Italian skateboard sneaker.

For your enjoyment here are a few out of the ordinary fun facts about Italy’s already colorful and historic culture.


1) Pizza was invented in Naples around 1860’s and is one of the very few words understood around the world.


2) A half of pound of bread is consumed each day by the average Italian. Plus 55 of pound of paste and 26 gallons of wine is also digested by a single Italian each year. That seems like a lot of empty carbs to me. How do they stay so thin?


3) According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Italy is said to have the most elevators.


4) The colors of the Italian flag represent three virtues: hope (green), faith (white), and charity (red). The Italian flag is inspired by the French flag introduced during Napoleon's 1797 invasion of the peninsula.


5) The typewriter, thermometer, piano, ice cream cone and eyeglasses, are Italian inventions.


6) Paparazzi means “Buzzing Mosquitoes” in Italian.


7) In Italy, people wear red underwear on New Year’s Day as a symbol of good luck for the upcoming year.


8) There’s a crypt in Rome that is mainly constructed from the skeletal remains of 4000 monks.


9) The northern region of Italy, the town of Monza has banned keeping fish in fishbowls because it has a distorted view of reality.


10) Monica Bellucci! Enough said!


Arrivederci Everyone!

The wonderful people over here at Ollie Flaps hope you have an amazing day.


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