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We Have Ollie Flaps T-shirts

What’s up everybody! I hope you all are having a smashing day at the moment. Today’s blog is to introduce our little line of Ollie Flaps, logo T-shirts. Yes we finally got them in and are available through the Ollie Shop. We hand print every shirt so no two are exactly alike. They are made of a poly-cotton blend to keep you from getting to sweaty when you are out at the skate parks on those hot days. They come in red, navy blue and brown and have hit the fashion runways with lightening bolts to the face. Yeah, they are that awesome!


As always we here at Ollie Flaps like to educate as well as guard your skate shoes. Therefor here is some history you might not have known about T-shirts. Oh yeah kiddos, “it’s-a-learnin” time so lets delve in to the past and read about some fun, cottony stuff.


1) T-shirts evolved from cutting those onsies (called “union suits”) into a top and bottom way back in the early 19th century. That’s when onsies were for adults also.

2) The “T” in T-shirt refers to the “T” shape it makes when the shirt is laid out flat. Apparently short sleeve of any type of shirt had not been invented yet to make a “T” shape. We have been working on a lowercase t-shirt but so far the design is very flawed.

3) It was originally an undershirt.

4) After World War II it was common to see veterans in uniform pants and their T-shirt as casual clothing.

5) The T-shirt became popular as fashionable outerwear after Marlon Brando wore one in “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

6) Tropix Togs, a Miami based company, was the first to sell printed T’s. Miami is right in Ollie Flaps backyard here in West Palm Beach. Well maybe we are in Miami’s backyard since they are a way cooler city then us. Tropix Togs were also the first license for Walt Disney.

7) Those with one color for the shirt and a second for the collar and sleeve ribbing are known as Ringer T-shirts. They became popular with rock music culture in the 1960’s. Some of you might still have that CBGB shirt in your drawer at home.

8) Tie-dying also emerged that decade as well and had become the style for the hippie, flower power movement.

9) The world record for most T-shirts worn at once is 257.

10) Some of the most famous T-shirt designs are the yellow smiley face, The Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo, Che Guevara, Vote For Pedro, I ♥ NY and Hard Rock Café.


Over the vast history of T-shirts they have evolved into a form of self-expression for many of us. The designs we choose to wear allow others a bit of insight to who we are. Whether they are funny, political, brands we enjoy or ironic T-shirts will always be a huge part of our culture and lives. Plus they are so darn comfortable. Well guys and gals this post is now coming to and end so stop thinking about putting on your favorite one, if you are not wearing it already. Oh and one last thing, the tuxedo T-shirt is not considered proper formalwear.


Have and amazing day everyone


The Loving Family at Ollie Flaps


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