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Skate Shoe Wear

Let's face it skateboarding totally does damage on your skate shoes. Seriously it happens pretty quickly to. Yes there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your shoes like duct tape or gobbing that rubber glue along the side. Come on kiddos that just make your shoes look pretty broke. Who wants to walk around in a pair of busted shoes. Not you. You are way better then that. Since you found us you might as well check out our Ollie Flaps. They are the smack daddy, high end technology in skate shoe guards. The ultimate skate shoe protectors. When your friend sees you with one of these bad boys on your shoe he or she will slap your other friend right in the face with excitement. When they ask where you got that sweet skate shoe saver you can say "Ollie Flaps Yo!" Protect, guard or save those skate shoes.


Now Go Skate!!!


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